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, June 2015

Client: Explora

Article Title:
Pristine Patagonia
Author: Barb and Ron Kroll
"Where in the world you find mountains that rival the Rockies, fjords as splendid as Norways and glaciers as beautiful as Alaska's? Add cascading waterfalls, turquoise lakes, soaring condors, breathtaking national parks and lodges with soothing spas, succulent sea food and spectacular hiking. The answer? Chilean Patagonia."

East Kent Lifestyle, October 2014

Client: Nayara Springs

Article Title:
Kick Your Holiday Rut To The Curb In Costa Rica
Author: Jaillan Yehia

"I’ve been zip-lining before, so luckily I know
that while I will be scared, I will enjoy it. This
time the addition of a Tarzan-style swing means I
absolutely love it, even the bit where Jane (that’s
me) gets pushed back and forth on the swing
over a giant precipice, instead of being caught by
my guide as promised, which is hilarious only in

Yahoo Travel, September 2014

Client: Badrutt's Palace Hotel

Article Title:
Is This The Best Job In The World?
Author: Lena Katz

"While this isn’t the first hotel to target young travelers, it’s the first
"Best Job in the World" contest to put a youngster in a
leadership role like this. Badrutt’s unique role comes with lots of power and perks: the Junior GM will meet with staff and inspect the property; sample chocolate; test pillows etc"

AFAR, June 2014

Client: Tourism Harrison

Article Title:
Lakeside Relaxation
Author: Arnette Stricker

"Harrison Hot Springs is like a little trip back into time. It has this vintage old town feeling to it. Within Harrison,
there are no big box companies or stores which keeps it unique. Before we got to Harrison we visited a few
farms in the area that are part of the Circle Farm Tour."

Calgary Herald, March 2014

Client: Tourism Golden

Article Title:
Snowmobiling Offers Fun Time For The Entire Family
Author: Andrew Penner

"Our fully-guided journey up the Hospital Creek Trail with White n’ Wild Adventures turned out to be,
well, golden. The five-hour trip — it includes a tasty barbecue lunch in a spectacular backcountry
setting — proved to be perfect for first-time sledders. All the gear you need is provided."


Huffington Post, January 2014

Client: Badrutt's Palace Hotel

Article Title:
In St. Moritz A Five Star Resort Sets The Stage
Author: John Mariani

"You arrive at the St. Moritz train station,
and, if you're staying at the appropriately
named Badrutt's Palace, you will be picked
up by a driver in a vintage Rolls Royce."

Explore Magazine, December 2013

Client: Tourism Golden

Article Title:
Canada's Coolest Winter Secrets
Author: Ed Buchanan

"The grey wolf is Canada’s most beautiful wild animal; we can debate second place, but wolves take the blue ribbon. In Golden, BC, Northern Lights Wildlife Wolf Centre offers you a chance to walk alongside canis lupus on their Blackwolf Photography tour. "


Canadian Living, August 2013

Client:Nayara Hotel, Spa & Gardens

Article Title:
Costa Rican Chic
Author: Joanne Blain

"I'm staying at the Nayara Hotel, Spa & Gardens, and I'm determined to take advantage of every opportunity to indulge myself at this luxurious property, voted by Travel + Leisure magazine in 2012 as the top resort in Central and South America, and the sixth best in the world. It deserves every accolade."


BC Business, August 7, 2013

Client:Grain Tasting Bar

Article Title: 
Hotel Renovations Alongside Tourism Numbers
Author: Nicole Clark

"Helping Vancouverites re-evaluate their take on hotel bars in the city, the theme of Grain is a seamless blend of urban meets nature (think: polished accents softened by reclaimed wood and stressed fabrics)"


Savour Magazine, July 2013

Client: Tourism Harrison

Article Title:
Experience Harrison Hot Springs
Author: Roslyne Buchanan

"Harrison Hot Springs has a country casual style and is a place to find solitude and healing rather than a place to be seen and dazzled."


enRoute Magazine, July 2013

Client: explora

Article Title:
Checking In

"Located in an oasis in the world's driest desert, this Explora Atacama all-inclusive adventure-travel hotel makes the most of its spectacular surroundings, with rooms that overlook either the property's tree-studded gardens or the ruddy mountains beyond."


enRoute Magazine, April 2013

Client: explora

Article Title:
Positive Altitude: Exploring Bolivia's Altiplano

"Up here, in this strange and otherworldly place,
no tale seems to be too tall."

Surf, sand, colcanoes and waterfalls - Nayara Hotel, Spa & GardensThe Vancouver Sun, March 30, 2013

Client: Nayara Hotel, Spa & Gardens

Article Title:
Surf, sand, volcanoes and waterfalls

"What I discovered was two countries in one: a temperate
rainforest filled with showy tropical plants and abundant wildlife,
and a warmer coastal region of sunny skies and
surf-worthy beaches."

Nayara Hotel, Spa & Gardens in BCBusinessBC Business, March 2013

Client: Nayara Hotel, Spa & Gardens

Article Title:
Mother Nature, condensed

"For a couple, Nayara is pure romance;
for a solo traveller it's unmitigated serenity"

King Pacific Lodge in Westworld BCWestworld BC, Spring 2013

Client: King Pacific Lodge

Article Title:
The List: The Icon

"The rare albino black bear is found on only two islands
in theworld: Gribbell and the much larger Princess Royal Island alongside it, part of the 70,000-square-kilometre Great Bear Rainforest. Though this elusive creature has never
been trapped or hunted, less than a thousand are known to exist."

Boulevard Magazine - Tagging SturgeonBoulevard Magazine, February 2013

Client: Tourism Harrison

Article Title:
Tagging sturgeon

"Sturgeon are often called the dinosaurs of the sea,
and almost five hours into a fishing trip on the Fraser River,
it seemed about as likely we would find one as we would spot
a Pterodactyl flying overhead."

Tourism Harrison in Up! MagazineUp! Magazine, February 2013

Client: Tourism Harrison

Article Title:
Ultimate Revival Guide

"Just a few minutes' walk from the shore of Harrison Lake
(90 minutes from Vancouver), the Spirit Yoga & Wellness Centre offers a 45-minute sound bath. But wait, there's no water.
Singing bowls are placed on your dressed body and tapped
with a felt mallet."

The Hollywood ReporterThe Hollywood Reporter, January 25, 2013

Client: Badrutt's Palace Hotel

Article Title:
The new lure of the Alps

"The St. Moritz region is an exclusive winter nesting spot for
migratory celebrities like Kate Moss and George Clooney...
It’s also home to two of Switzerland’s It hotels:
Badrutt’s Palace,...established in 1896 and kitted out with
heated toilets and its own ice rink."

Nayara Hotel, Spa & GardensUp! Magazine, January 24, 2013

Client: Nayara Hotel, Spa & Gardens

Article Title:
Costa Rica vacation 2 ways

"Stay at the elegant Nayara Hotel and you’ll see the magnificent Arenal Volcano from every angle. The volcano hasn't erupted
since 1968 but tourists still flock here to capture its beauty as
well as use the area as a base for adventures."

Badrutt's Palace Hotel - First To KnowFirst to Know, January 15, 2013

Client: Badrutt's Palace Hotel

Article Title:
6 once-in-a lifetime winter experiences in the majestic Swiss Alps

"In the middle of all this activity and at the heart of the village,
is the 115-year-old Badrutt’s Palace Hotel, which treats its guest
to a luxury experience and special treatment for many
of these events."

A high, dry adventure - explora, ChileSan Francisco Chronicle, January 6, 2013

Client: explora

Article Title:
A high, dry adventure

"Our last Travesia day is a surreal parade of multicolored
mineral ponds, including sulfuric Hedionda (“Stinky”) Lagoon,
crowded with three species of flamingos combing the waters
for brine shrimp. Laguna Colorada shimmies from burgundy
to orange to pink at the puff of a breeze as vicunas trot by
our shoreside picnic spot."

National Geographic Traveler - Best of the World 2013National Geographic Traveler, December 2012

Client: King Pacific Lodge

Article Title:
Best Trips 2013

"The Great Bear Rainforest, the planet’s largest intact coastal temperate rain forest, is an untamed strip of land stretching
250 miles along British Columbia’s coast that harbors extensive
tracts of giant hemlock, Sitka spruce, and red cedar."

California Two WaysAvenue Calgary Magazine, December 2012

Client: Visit California

Article Title:
California Two Ways

"If it’s the great outdoors you yearn for, Fresno has you covered
on that front, too. It’s the only place in America within two hours
of three national parks — Yosemite, Kings Canyon and Sequoia (home to the world’s largest living tree).

Global Traveler - Badrutt's Palace HotelGlobal Traveler, November 2012

Client: Badrutt's Palace Hotel

Article Title:
Close to Heaven

"A 1968 Rolls-Royce Phantom, previously owned by the British
royal family, eases me into this winter adventure, transporting me
from the St. Moritz station to the aptly named 5-star
Badrutt’s Palace Hotel."

Tourism HarrisonThe Province, October 16, 2012

Client: Tourism Harrison

Article Title:
We tackled B.C.'s Coast Mountain Circle Route via RV

"With loot from our farm tour in hand, we checked into Harrison
Hot Springs RV, which was exceptionally fancy for an RV park
with manicured grounds and a new spa-like facility with hot tub,
pool, washrooms and showers.

IYAC in Real WeddingsReal Weddings BC, Fall/Winter 2012


Article Title: Wedding Workouts

"Iyengar yoga is a precise and disciplined for of yoga
with instructors requiring at least three years of training before becoming certified, and the extensive use of props makes it accessible for everyone

KPLGood Life Connoisseur, Fall 2012

Client: King Pacific Lodge

Article Title: The Great Bear Rainforest

"The guests who shared this uniquely Canadian
experience came from all across North America,
drawn to a destination they understood would provide
an opportunity to view untouched wilderness.
", August 16, 2012


Article Title:  Properties in Easter Island, Atacama
and Patagonia offer agent rates with 80% off

"explora, a company with three distinctive lodging properties
in Chile, has launched an incentive offer for the travel trade
called ‘Live it to tell it!’,

KPL - Globe and MailGlobe and Mail, July 28, 2012

King Pacific Lodge

Article Title:  BC's King Pacific Lodge:
It's like Fantasy Island, north

"Wrapped in a plush robe, I gaze up at the mountains, mesmerized
by an undulating blur of endless green. Somewhere deep inside
that dense thicket lurks the rare white Kermode, more popularly known as the spirit bear.

BPH - Family Fresh CookingFamily Fresh Cooking, July 2012

Client: Badrutt's Palace Hotel

Article Title: Badrutt's Palace Hotel: St. Moritz, Switzerland

"Every whim, wish and desire was catered to with a smile and the upmost service. They had lots of surprises and culinary treats
in store for me upon my arrival."

THA - Up! MagazineUp! Magazine, July 2012

Tourism Harrison

Article Title: When the old man and the sea collide

"Yves and I are on our way to fish for sturgeon, known as
monsters of the deep because of their intimidating size, up to four metres long and 450 kilograms."

KPL - DiabloDiablo Magazine, July 2012

King Pacific Lodge

Article Title: Explore Canada

"Venture deep into Canada's Princess Royal Island for salmon fishing, humpback whale spotting, and a peek at the rare Kermode bear, with our guide to Canada's pristine wilderness."

Explora -, June 20, 2012


Article Title: Easter Island Idyll

"In the middle of the Pacific Ocean, a mere five-hour flight from Santiago, Chile, Rapa Nui (aka Easter Island) is Explora’s
newest lodge, Posada de Mike Rapu."

Canadian Living 2012Canadian Living, June 2012


Article Title: You Asked

"I’ve noticed a large number of accountants and engineers
in our Iyengar classes, people who often think in a structured way
and who prefer the logical flow and specific steps."


Canadian Living 2012Veranda, June 2012

Badrutt's Palace Hotel

Article Title: 25 Classic European Hotels

"Is there anything more sublime than a good night's sleep
in a classic grand hotel?"

Robb ReportRobb Report, May 2012

King Pacific Lodge

Article Title: The Robb Report 100

"Spectacularly remote and implausibly refined, this 17-room lodge
sits alone in a majestic wilderness of salmon-filled fjords and pine-covered peaks in the Great Bear Rainforest.
North America’s ultimate indulgence for nature lovers."

IYAC -, May 1, 2012


Article Title: Iyengar Yoga for the Reluctant Man

"Iyengar yoga will appeal to anyone wanting to develop
a strong foundation for lifelong flexibility, but especially to
the uninitiated man who craves pragmatic instruction and 
is wary of yoga's woo-woo side."

Organic Spa MagazineOrganic Spa Magazine, March/April 2012

Client: Badrutt's Palace Hotel

Article Title: Facials from around the world

"As the world wakes up to the benefits of pure, organic skincare,
spas across the globe are offering scintillating interpretations."

Just for Candian DentistsJust For Canadian Dentists, March/April 2012

Tourism Harrison

Article Title: Stalking Sturgeon

"A splash of water off the boat's stern...dorsal fin!...
Sturgeon!? It's gone in an instant, having eluded
our bait of salmon roe."

Select Image to viewWestern Living, January/February 2012

Visit California

Article Title: Quick trip to Yosemite National Park/
Voyage éclair dans le Parc National de Yosemite

"Can a city make you happy? Tens of thousands descend on Palm Springs each year during Modernism Week to see for themselves. Because it's here, in the haunts of Sinatra's rat pack, that an architectural dream—a legacy of the 20th century's optimistic middle years—has been preserved beneath the desert sun."

Up! MagazineUp! Magazine, January 2011

Echo Valley Ranch & Spa

Article Title: A touch of Thai

"Melt into a zone of relaxation that verges on sleep with the authentic Luk Pra Kob treatment, a 90-minute herbal rejuvenation massage where your trained Thai masseuse presses a heated muslin sack
filled with ginger, lemongrass, essential oils and other herbs
along your body to soothe sore muscles.

Select Image to viewenRoute Magazine, January 2012

Visit California

Article Title: Quick trip to Yosemite National Park/
Voyage éclair dans le Parc National de Yosemite

"The idea behind the construction of this enormous stone hotel, completed in 1927, was to draw the world’s bigwigs to 
Yosemite National Park."

Select Image to viewRobb Report, December 2011

King Pacific Lodge

Article Title: 21 Ultimate Gifts: Smoke on the water

"But instead of a sandy beach or golf course, this Rosewood resort opens to a majestic wilderness of salmon-filled fjords and forests that are home to bald eagles, wolverines, and white bears. Indeed, a trip to King Pacific Lodge is as good as it gets for nature lovers and anglers—and is about to get better in the hands of superstar chef Michael Mina."


Snow MagazineSnow, Winter 2011

Client: Badrutt's Palace Hotel

Article Title: A sure bet

"As the Kulm had invented winter tourism, and the Palace
elevated it, so the entire town of St Moritz now works endlessly
to perfect it."

Select Image to viewVancouver Magazine, November 2011

Visit California

Article Title: A Tale of two valleys

"Napa/Sonoma is the holy grail of foodie destinations. Most chefs
in the area have had their butts kicked by the former Vancouver husband-and-wife team of Adam Busby, who heads up the
Culinary Institute of America, and Barb Alexander, who helms
the Napa Valley Cooking School"

Select Image to viewPique News Magazine, November 2011

Tourism Harrison

Article Title: Raptors hit town in time for Fraser Valley
Bald Eagle Festival

"Now in its 16th year, the festival takes place at a dozen locations between Mission and Harrison Hot Springs; four main eagle-spotting sites are centered on the Harrison and Chehalis river estuaries
in the vicinity of the hamlet of Harrison Mills."

Select Image to viewWestlake Magazine, September/October 2011

Badrutt's Palace Hotel

Article Title: Let the Winter sports begin

"Since opening in 1896, the 115-year-old property has continually evolved with the latest refinements while maintaining the standards and lifestyle expected by royalty, stars and sports aficionados."


Select Image to viewUp! Magazine, August 2011

Visit California

Article Title: The Value Guide to San Diego

"There's so much more to the Golden State's second-largest city than its zoo and beaches. Dig a little deeper and you'll discover San Diego is a wonderful mish-mash of Mexican and Southern Cali flavours."

OpenRoad Driver, Summer 2011

Echo Valley Ranch & Spa

Article Title: Chasing the Cariboo

"During our first hearty breakfast buffet, we learn about the ranch's exotic Asian structure. Thai architect Dr. Pinyo Suwankiri designed Baan Thai House and Pavillion featuring the Sabai Sabai suite,
where Thai therapies promise improved harmony of mind,
body and spirit. Imported teak furnishings and fine artwork
fill its luxurious penthouse."


Western Living, May 2011

Visit California

Article Title: Stay Classy San Diego

"I didn't expect to have the best dessert in my life in San Diego. Depending on who you ask, the city is best known for its tattoos (sailors), waves (surfers), killer whales (kids) or shiny new condos at 35 percent off (realtors). But its chops as a foodie destination have always lagged behind that of its northern neighbours..."

Western Living, March 2011

Visit California &
Rockwater Secret Cove Resort

Article Titles: Exhibit LA & Going Costal

"Culver City was, until recently, a swath of automotive repair shops. When the economy imploded, though, everything changed: the shops were shuttered and the city's finest galleries... Forty of them have now made the jump."

"Rockwater Resort's tenthouse suites are hardly roughing it: heated
                                                     floors, warm canvas rooms and guests soak in hydro-therapy tubs
                                                   while monitoring a sweeping view of Secret Cove."

Destination I Do & Honeymoons Too, Fall & Winter 2010

Badrutt's Palace Hotel

Article Title: St Moritz, Switzerland

"The couple drove all over the country scouting out venues until they discovered the Palace in St. Moritz. They were taken with the hotel's unmatched hospitality and felt right at home."


Destination Weddings & Honeymoons, April 2010

Visit California &
Rockwater Secret Cove Resort

Article Titles: California Cool &
Bright lights, big scenery

"Things to do and venues galore for the Golden State soirees."

"Both urbanites and outdoorsy types agree: British Columbia has it all."

Western Living, March/April 2010

Visit California

Article Titled: Far Out Town

"Sebastpol, a hidden gem in the Sanoma Valley, is small-town California as it was in the good old days, man."

Up! Magazine, March 2010

Victoria's Historic Inns

Article Titled: Abbeymoore Manor

"Quaint and charming, Abbeymoore Manor wins for its warm, friendly owners and scrumptious breakfasts."

Vancouver Magazine, May 2009

Bearfoot Bistro

Article Titled: Best Whistler

"At the popular chef's table, opt for the house-smoked caribou with balsamic blackberry jus."


Select Image to viewMeetings and Incentive Travel, March/April 2009

Client: Tourism Richmond

Article Titled: Beyond the Olympics

"This community, with 4,500 bedrooms and 135,000sq.ft. of meeting space, is ideally suited to active groups."


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