Ann Britton Campbell, Travel Journalist
Just a quick note to thank you and your crew for a lovely, informative lunch. I trust your clients know how very professionally and fully you represent their interests. I drove home with new story ideas swirling in my head.

Lori Henry, Travel Journalist
I began working with Jayne and the Spectacular Ink team at the beginning of my career and they have grown to become one of my favourite industry partners to work with. Jayne works hard to make sure I receive personalized story ideas and has gotten to know me enough over the years to know what I cover and what angles will spark me to pitch my editors. I don't often remember exactly which clients most PR firms represent, but Jayne always finds a way to gently keep me updated about who she represents and what angles I will find most interesting. She is usually right! It's refreshing to work with such a professional, dedicated and passionate team.
Neal McLennan, Contributing Editor, Western Living
I’ve worked with Jayne and the Spectacular Ink team on trips ranging from California’s Anderson Valley to staying in a suite fit for an oligarch at St. Moritz’s Badrutt’s Palace. No matter if the destination is in our own backyard or halfway around the globe the itinerary has always gone off without a hitch allowing me or my assigned writers the luxury of concentrating only on the enjoyment of the destination.

Janice Mucalov, Travel Journalist
I have worked with many, many tourism and travel PR agencies around the world, and I can say without hesitation that Spectacular Ink is among the best. They go the extra mile to help provide all the assistance travel journalists need to produce their stories.

Doug O'Neill, Executive Editor, Canadian Living
On the mark pitches – because they know exactly what we do: Jayne knows I cover travel. She also knows I do a chunk of health content in print and online for Canadian Living. One of her recent pitches worked beautifully because she queried in an email if her newest client (from the yoga industry) would be a good fit for an online column I do. And yes it was! (The fact that I was standing on my head in a downtown yoga studio as a result is another matter.) The point is: there’s no throwing wet pasta at the wall and hoping something will stick when I deal with Spectacular Ink. They know their properties — but they also make a point of getting to know my own publication in some depth.

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