Explora PuritamaSANTIAGO, CHILE, December 20, 2012 – After 10 months of renovations, Chilean eco-adventure company explora has reopened its Puritama Hot Springs property near San Pedro. Located at more than 3,500 metres above sea level, Puritama Hot Springs consists of landscaped pools of varying temperatures.

explora has created new waterfalls and pools with varying depths connected by wooden walkways, enhanced dressing rooms with accessible bathrooms, and renovated the main pool reserved exclusively for explora travelers. The warm waters flow at a comfortable 33°C.

The Puritama River is recognized by locals as a rare gift from nature, given its location in the middle of the the driest desert in the world. More than 35 of explora Atacama’s expeditions end with a visit to Puritama Hotsprings, only 45 minutes' from Hotel de Larache.

Puritama Thermal Field, owned by explora since 1991, is part of Puritama Reserve, an area created to protect the local wildlife. A significant portion of the income generated in this place benefits the Atacameño Community through the Atacameño Council. For more information visit explora’s website or www.termasdepuritama.cl/en.

About explora
explora offers its guests a new way of travelling, where three luxury lodges serve as gateways to explore some of the most remote areas in South America: the desert of Atacama, the southernmost tip of the continent at Patagonia, and Rapa Nui (aka Easter Island), in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. For the more adventurous travellers, explora offers multi-day nomadic journeys, known as Travesìas. Accompanied by an expert guide, personal chef and only a handful of other travellers, Travesìas take guests through little-known, remote areas of Chile, Bolivia and Argentina, to discover remarkable natural beauty.

explora Manifesto
Leave home, enjoy the journey, pack light, go far, forget the time, walk, deviate from the route, go outside when it rains, ask questions, try new flavours, don't stop, stop, talk with people, listen to stories about the place, protect nature.

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