Guests prepare for summits between 16,400ft and 19,700 ft

SANTIAGO, CHILE: July 9, 2013
If the dream of climbing one of the highest volcanoes on earth has always seemed impossible, now explora's High Mountain Expeditions make this a reality. The South American expedition company offers guests the chance to climb the high peaks of the Andes in the Atacama Desert, in expert hands and while based in a luxury eco lodge, Hotel De Larache. The new High Mountain Expeditions, a graduated program of mountain ascents, will appeal to those looking for high altitude adventures. Having already launched horseback riding and photographic expeditions, explora has now shifted its focus to mountaineering enthusiasts.

These new High Mountain Expeditions last between six and eight days, with the possibility of reaching the summit of Lincancabur volcano, the sacred mountain of the Atacameño people. The volcano crater is at 19,423 ft (5,929 metres) on the border between Chile and Bolivia and offers travelers spectacular views of Atacama.

Guests spend two days of mandatory acclimatization in San Pedro de Atacama and the surrounding area, to prevent or lessen the effects of altitude, before they begin to tackle ascents over 14,700 ft (4,480 metres). Travelers are in the capable hands of explora’s specialized guides at all times - multilingual adrenaline enthusiasts who are trained in emergency response.

Those who wish to reach the summit of Lincancabur cross the border into Bolivia and sleep at the base camp to reach the summit the next morning.

For more information on this new program please visit explora’s website or call (56) 2 2395 2800, free from the U.S. at 1 866 750 6699 or write to

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explora offers its guests a new way of travelling, where three luxury lodges serve as gateways to explore some of the most remote areas in South America: the desert of Atacama, the southernmost tip of the continent at Patagonia, and Rapa Nui (aka Easter Island), in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. For the more adventurous travellers, explora offers multi-day nomadic journeys, known as Travesìas. Accompanied by an expert guide, personal chef and only a handful of other travellers, Travesìas
take guests through little-known, remote areas of Chile, Bolivia and Argentina,
to discover remarkable natural beauty.

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