Salt Spring Island, BC, Leads The Charge For EVs

Salt Spring Island, BC, April 2015: The Salt Spring Chamber and Tourism Salt Spring, working with local government and community groups, are "leading the charge" in green tourism. As well as having the most electric vehicles per capita, the island is installing electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at B&Bs, so visitors can plug in while they sleep.  The Capital Regional District (CRD) will provide $250 grants to the first five B&B owners to install a Level II charging station.  As Pacific Northwest residents of California, Oregon, Washington and BC drive the majority of EVs, Salt Spring Island Tourism invites them to come and get a "charge" on Salt Spring!

Salt Spring Island has long had a reputation as the home of environmentalists, writers, musicians, artists of all shapes and sizes, and organic gardeners, each with a passion to share and protect this forested and seaside Gulf Island.  The island now claims among the most EVs per capita of any region in Canada.  Salt Spring Tourism invites other EV owners to visit this island paradise where a network of charging stations across the island allows them to charge up while they sleep.

“We have so much to offer to visitors here and we see working with the community on this green initiative as being a great fit for us “says John Cade, Salt Spring Chamber VP. “We now have over 30 EVs on Salt Spring, five of them are Teslas; we hope to attract other EV car owners here with this great program.”

The focus on EV began last year with the installation of a Sun Country Level II charger at ArtSpring, the island’s art and culture theatre.  Transition Salt Spring (TSS), a local environmentally focused organization, spearheaded the charger installation project enabling locals and tourists to charge vehicles on a daily basis.  This upward trend was only enhanced as used EVs entered the marketplace, providing an affordable entry price. 

Now, TSS, the Capital Region District (CRD) and the Salt Spring Chamber of Commerce have joined forces to subsidize the installation of Level II chargers at local B&Bs.  Additional programs are in place to assist hotels and other destinations across the island, providing a reliable charging infrastructure for visiting tourists.  

Salt Spring is the ultimate location for an EV.  The climate is one of the most moderate in Canada, where snow is a rare occurrence, and palm trees and bamboo thrive.  The moderating effect of the ocean creates a micro-climate, providing an ideal year round temperature for the batteries, and the 150 km range of most of the popular EV brands delivers worry-free driving.



Transition Salt Spring: A registered BC not-for-profit society providing people with information and education about environmentally sustainable practices and technologies.

Capital Region District: Incorporated in 1966 as an order of government to provide regional decision-making, shared local government services and local decision-making in rural areas. 

Salt Spring Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Salt Spring:  Since 1948, the non-profit Chamber promotes local business while honoring the preserve and protect mandate in the Islands Trust Act.

Sun Country: Canada’s leader in electric vehicle products.


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