Nomadic travels in Chile

explora Travesías are unique journeys for seasoned travelers. Each of these nomadic journeys spans several days, as guests travel through little-known, remote areas of remarkable beauty. Crossing borders, exploring diverse geography and staying in simple yet comfortable quarters, guests enjoy high quality meals, good company and new experiences. Guests travel in groups of up to six people, accompanied by an expert guide, a chef and support personnel. All of these journeys leave from (or end at) one the explora lodges in Atacama or Patagonia.


Steep and deep in Northwest BC

Northern Escape Heli-skiing (NEH) has deep, varied terrain, a fleet of snowcats for back-up skiing on days when there is too much snow for the helicopters to fly, and an Unlimited Vertical Option with a guaranteed minimum of 145,000 vertical feet in a week. Looking for an exclusive experience? The private package offers two dedicated guides, a pilot, chef, concierge and a massage therapist. NEH is located only 2 hrs. away from Vancouver so you can leave mid-day and still get to the lodge for cocktail hour.


explora PatagoniaLive the Gaucho lifestyle in Wild Patagonia

For five days and four nights, the horseback riding programs at explora Patagonia and explora Atacama let guests live the gaucho lifestyle and discover two of the world’s most pristine and wild landscapes: the Torres del Paine National Park and the Atacama Desert. Over a century ago, Patagonia became home to a new settler who, over time, developed his own unique customs: the gaucho. Known as a solitary character, the gaucho’s most valued possession and trusted companion is his horse, which he relies on to cover the vast distances across Chile. Competent horse riders will gallop across the famous Patagonian grasslands known as pampas as they soak up the gaucho lifestyle.


The Palace Wellness at Badrutt's Palace Hotel

Ayurveda innovation at Palace Wellness

As an Ayurveda expert, Indian-born Wellness Advisor, Martha Wiedemann, has created a brand new treatment at Palace Wellness at Badrutt’s Palace Hotel. Using Ayurveda theories of detoxifying and nourishing the body, Wiedemann has created the Skin Food Ritual to cleanse, purify and feed the skin. This innovative treatment relies on a topical Ayurvedic Detox Powder, versus the traditional oral detoxification route, in tandem with ginger, lemon, and Shodeea rejuvenating oils.


Spring to fun in Harrison

Located only 90 minutes from Vancouver, Harrison Hot Springs has small-town charm and calming hot springs for grown-ups and all the fun of a lake destination for kids. Swimming, rafting, fishing, canoeing or jumping in (and off) the water park will keep young ones and those young-at-heart entertained.



Badrutt's Palace Hotel

License to Wed at Badrutt’s Palace

The License to Wed package at Badrutt's Palace is a quirky spin on the typical stag night. This 'groom bootcamp' puts bachelors through housekeeping and cooking challenges to prove they are marriage ready before heading out to fun events: tobogganing in the winter or sailing in the summer, relaxing at the spa, a gourmet meal at the Chef's Table and finally, a typical stag feature, the pub crawl!



Explora AtacamaSustainability: Conserving Chile’s treasures

Fundación explora is a non-profit organization that promotes and develops the natural and cultural heritage in the areas where explora is based: Patagonia, Rapa Nui and Atacama. Its mission is bio cultural conservation, which is concern for and care of the habitat, habits and inhabitants (human and non-human) in the areas of environmental, aesthetic, historical or scientific value where explora carries out its activities. Fundación explora has a board of seven directors and a Project Manager. In addition to explora founder Pedro Ibáñez, who has pioneered this venture, the majority of the directors are renowned academics and professionals in the field of natural and humanistic sciences from Chile and abroad.

Tourism Harrison - StugeonSturgeon conservation in the Fraser River

Despite the fact white sturgeon have survived for over 65 million years, these living dinosaurs face threats of extinction. Thanks to a partnership between the Fraser River Sturgeon Conservation Society (FRSCS) and BC Sportfishing Group, the Fraser River is home to the healthiest stock of white sturgeon found anywhere in the world. Dedicated to the protection and restoration of the sturgeon population, catch-and-release sport fishing tours are equal parts conservation initiative and fishing adventure.
Tourism Harrison

Protecting Harrison’s precious waters

There’s something in the water in Harrison Hot Springs, or perhaps there isn’t, and that’s a good thing, as the region continues to receive positive attention from environment-alists across the nation. With one of BC’s healthiest salmon runs, the Harrison River was named Canada’s first Salmon Stronghold in 2010, offering a proactive strategy to protect North America’s most abundant and diverse habitat. Harrison is also the first community in BC to take the challenge of meeting the rigorous criteria of Canada’s Blue Flag program, an eco-label endorsed by the United Nations that states the community is striving to provide the top water quality and environmental levels in BC. Good news for parents considering Harrison Hot Springs for a beach vacation.


Spectacular Ink PR - Tourism Harrison - Slow Food CycleThe origins of farm fresh food

The Agassiz/Harrison Mills Circle Farm Tour is a self-guided tour featuring organically grown herbs, custom tea blends, artisan cheeses, fresh roasted and candied hazelnuts, and coffee aromatically roasted in a circa 1919 flame roaster. Every July the Slow Food Cycle brings hundreds of self-guided cyclists to the region to sample and purchase goods direct from the source.


Spectacular Ink PR - Tourism Harrison - Slow Food Cycle

Hook your own dinner

Meet Andrea Panati, Chesa Veglia's Head Chef at Badrutt’s Palace Hotel in St Moritz, at dawn for an unforgettable experience of nabbing your own meal. A seasoned angler, Chef Panati will lead you to one of the lakes in the Engadin valley for a morning of fishing. Later, while you relax in the Spa, Chef Panati will head to the kitchens to prepare your catch. Your fresh fish will be expertly prepared and flavored with herbs plucked from his garden, just steps away from the kitchen at Badrutt’s Palace.


35mmArcheological discoveries, Chile

Within the Puritama reserve, in the Chilean Atacama Desert, there are sites of great archeological importance containing agricultural terraces, stone structures and petroglyphs. Fundación explora is a non-profit organization that promotes and develops the natural and cultural heritage in the areas where explora is based. Fundación explora has established scholarship programs to support archaeological research and with the proper infrastructure to ensure the protection of these sites, they will be open to the public for educational purposes.

Spectacular Ink PR - Badrutt'sCaptivating St Moritz

For over 120 years St. Moritz has magically drawn the rich and famous into the Engadin mountains and to the Badrutt’s Palace Hotel – Marlene Dietrich, Alfred Hitchcock and Gregory Peck are only a few of them. Guests become a part of this unique history of Badrutt’s Palace Hotel with Tradition Meets Lifestyle stay, including a trip in the hotel’s Rolls Royce, high tea in Le Grand Hall, and guaranteed lake view room.

Harrison Hot SpringsFollow the path of the Goldminers

Harrison Hot Springs was a point along the Gold Rush trail, and Judge Matthew Begbie originally named the hot springs the St. Alice Wells, after Alice Douglas, daughter of the Governor of British Columbia. First used by members of the Salish First Nations, the soothing effects of Harrison’s famous hot springs have drawn people to this area for hundreds of years.

Tourism Harrison SasquatchHarrison’s famous Sasquatch

Harrison Hot Springs has been a hotbed of Sasquatch sightings for centuries. The local First Nation Sts’ailes band uses the Sasquatch as its symbol and believes it to be a spiritual being. Inspired by local Sasquatch investigators Bill Miller and Thomas Steenberg’s talks and guidance, maybe it’s time to look for yourself. In partnership with the Harrison festival Society and the Sts’ailes community, Sasquatch Days will return in 2013. This two-day event is an intercultural celebration grounded in the history of the First Peoples. Guests can expect traditional foods, a salmon BBQ, interpretive boat tours, canoe races and plenty of Sasquatch lore from both Western and First Nations perspectives.



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